Welcome to Realms of Inisfail!

Welcome to Realms of Inisfail!  This is a new site that’s born of an old site.  Well, three old websites, rather: The Realm of Inisfail, The Old Sage, and Kaptin Gavrin’s Web Site.  They were three of the oldest Games Workshop fan sites on the Internet, originating in 1995 and evolving over time.

Kaptin Gavrin’s Web Site was my (Erik Setzer) site, with all my little fun stuff I could think of, from new rules to fiction.  The Realm of Inisfail was my dad’s site, which originally included Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  In time, the WFB side of it branched off into its own site, The Old Sage.  The Realm of Inisfail focused on the 40K universe, including Warhammer 40,000, Battlefleet Gothic, and Inquisitor.  The Old Sage focused on the Fantasy universe, with Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Mordheim, and Warmaster; The Old Sage Ancients also featured Warhammer Ancient Battles.

As one person it would have been hard enough to continue updating all three websites, especially bringing them into line with new editions of the game.  My father passed away on December 30, 2012.  Shortly after he did, the domains for his websites came up for renewal, and my mom didn’t know what to do with them.  Before I had a chance to snag them and add them to my own hosting, domain vultures grabbed them up and offered to sell them for literally hundreds or thousands of dollars each.  So continuing the sites as they were wasn’t really an option.  However, with backups of each site saved, I will be providing archives of them on subdomains of this website, which will be linked in the sidebar.

Those old websites had all kinds of stuff, and were created in an era where gamers everywhere enjoyed making their own homebrew rules for the game.  I feel that’s been lost in this era of “official” everything, but it’s still fun, so I’ll be providing some of that through this site in its future.  I’ll also be providing tactics, commentary, painting articles…  Being a one man show, I’ll be limited in scope for the time being, to what I have time for and what models I have on hand to paint.  I also feel like it’s best to leave news and rumors to the established websites.  This is not going to be a website that seeks to do the job of existing sites.  This is going to be a gamer’s website:  A look at the games and how to make them fun, how to enjoy the hobby, from painting to playing.  It may also at times be the location of some rants from a stodgy “old” gamer, someone who’s been in this hobby for nearly 25 years now.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, leave comments, and come back often.  I’ll try to keep the site entertaining, informative, and hopefully invaluable.

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