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40K 101: Army Selection

I’ve noticed that a lot of people continue to be confused over how exactly you select an army in Warhammer 40,000 7th edition. The key confusion is over what constitutes Unbound or

Ancient City Con Tournament Report

Ancient City Con has come and gone, and now I can actually post my “supa-sekrit” army list, along with how well it did. In preparation for the tournament, I asked a lot

Codex: Orks Review

Well, the Ork codex has been out for over a week now, and I’ve played a couple games, so I can give my thoughts on it.  I’m not going to go with

Blood Axe Battlewagons and Meganobz

As part of the growing Blood Axe force, and potentially useful for an upcoming Unbound event, I wanted to paint up some camouflaged Meganobz.  It would be a fun side project, and

Building the Morkanaut

To start off the new selection of Ork models in preparation of the 7th edition Ork codex, Games Workshop released the Gorkanaut/Morkanaut, a dual-kit that could build one of two stompy Ork

Forging the Narrative in a Competitive Environment

There are a lot of people who are currently making the frankly ridiculous claim that gamers must be separated into two groups: Those who like narrative games and those who like competitive

Triumph and Treachery in 40K

The following is a conversion of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles supplement Triumph and Treachery for use in games of Warhammer 40,000.  Triumph and Treachery is an amusing set of rules for allowing

Blowing Up the Battlefield: Dynamic Terrain in 40K

While the rules for terrain in Warhammer 40,000 work as an approximation of the effects of terrain on the battlefield, I feel it would be a lot more fun to have terrain

An Answer to the Daemon Factory List

One of the scariest builds to come out of the Internet’s pouring over the 40K 7th edition rulebook is the “Daemon Factory List.”  The basic gist is that you take an army

Forging the Narrative: Unbound Rogue Trader Army

The local Games Workshop store is holding an interesting contest over the next few weeks: A 1000 point Unbound army painting and modeling competition with a tournament to wrap it up, the